Red Bull ambassador carrying Red Bull palettesRed Bull Brand ambassador with tote bag and Red Bull can entering a restaurantRed Bull musketeer going to a small pub with documents under his armRed Bull brand ambassador with tote bag and Red Bull can on the way to complete partnerships


The Art of Musketeering

Musketeers, our Sales and Marketing Specialists, personify the Red Bull brand in our On Premise sales Business.

A Way of Life

Red Bull Musketeers are the living, breathing embodiment of the Red Bull way of life. They operate as true ambassadors of the Red Bull brand in our On Premise business, working with the very best bars, restaurants, clubs, hospitality venues, and events. They are passionate about building long-term partnerships and identifying new opportunities to drive trial and consumption, and they build and maintain Red Bull’s brand image in On Premise hotspots.

Red Bull musketeer with Red Bull can talking to two women in a pub while representing the brandRed Bull ambassador and local owner shaking hands in a pubRed Bull brand ambassador in the local scene talking to a woman and representing the brand

The Red Bull Ambassador

The venue is packed, the party is off the hook. All around, there are cans in the hands of consumers, and it’s all thanks to you. Wherever you look, you can’t miss the impact of Red Bull and the hard work of the dedicated Red Bull Musketeer. Musketeers don’t just pull strings behind the scenes; they are also on the floor, representing the company and on the constant lookout for new opportunities for the can. By combining finely honed organizational skills with infectious enthusiasm, Red Bull Musketeers operate as true ambassadors of the Red Bull brand, creating an enviable network on the local scene. As the face of Red Bull, they check in regularly with each of their On Premise accounts and key influencers to build affinity and understanding of our brand and products, and deliver excellence in everything they do.

The Responsibilities

Red Bull musketeer presenting bar owner some documents at the barRed Bull ambassador explaining measures and strategies to an employee in a pub  Red Bull brand ambassador talking to a woman at a bar of an outdoor eventRed Bull musketeer explaining measures and strategies to an employee in a pub

The Governor Of Your Territory

That happening venue where everyone wants to be? You’re already there! That ‘secret’ event everyone’s talking about? You’re on the guest list! your drive to succeed coupled with your boundless energy means you’ve already secured a meeting with the managers of the hottest new places. With most of your time spent in the field, you know what’s going on in the streets and what’s just around the corner. While you’ve already implemented the right strategies for your territory, you take innovative measures to expand the business beyond your existing account list and win over new customers and consumers.

The Characteristics

Stay ahead of the curve

Master all things ‘On Premise’ by staying on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, trends, and new opportunities

Make Your Mark

Identify the appropriate initiatives for your territory and diligently track, analyze, and report on performance and areas of growth and opportunity

Step Up And Take Ownership

Know your tasks and responsibilities. Act autonomously and pro-actively


The Indispensible Business Consultant

With your expertise and know-how, you strengthen your business relationships to drive Red Bull sales and marketing initiatives. When you’re not busy discussing exciting new proposals, you continuously seek new opportunities that drive mutual gain, and negotiate strong partnership agreements. You engage successfully, so your accounts never want to turn you down.

Skills for Success

Maintaining A Laser-Sharp Sales Focus

Convince key players with your shining personality, and your excellent communication and selling skills

Effective Negotiation

Lead negotiations with your customers to bring about strong, mutually beneficial partnership agreements

Resourceful Problem-Solving

Leverage your best creative skills to solve business challenges, like keeping Red Bull number one in the On Premise sector




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