Red Bull account sales manager attaches a promotional sign between Red Bull pallets in a store


On the front line

Become an Account Sales Manager — the face of Red Bull Distribution Company to our retail customers.

A way of life

Red Bull Account Sales Managers (ASMs) are at the heart of our success. They go above and beyond, to increase product sales and placement, at every opportunity. They establish and maintain relationships, and drive business results through effective selling and exceptional customer service. Follow along this journey as we deliver you a taste of the ASM lifestyle. If you’re interested in joining a winning team, pop open an ice cold Red Bull and let’s talk.

The activities of a Red Bull sales manager are presented. The employees get up at 04:00 a.m. They make sure that the delivery trucks have the right amount of products and take care of the transport. They work well together as a team and enjoy the good team atmosphere and hanging out with each other. The manager leads and motivates the team, makes connections and creates new sales opportunities.

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Red Bull account manager building relationships and talking to the store manager in a store in front of a Red Bull refrigerator

Build meaningful relationships

As an Account Sales Manager for Red Bull you’re doing more than just turning heads. Equipped with market insights, an innovative sales approach, and professional business expertise, you will partner with large and small format store owners to provide best in class service.

The Key Areas

Account Management

Inventory management, merchandising, promotion support & new business development


Build & protect the Red Bull brand by maximizing distribution and securing high value retail space

Market Intelligence

Partner with customers by providing market insights & strategic business solutions

Red Bull account sales manager putting Red Bull cans in the refrigerator in a store and discovering new sales opportunities thanks to power selling

Power selling

Have you ever gone to reach for an ice cold Red Bull and come back empty handed? We sure hope not. Because being a business-savvy Account Sales Manager you understand the importance of never missing a sales opportunity. At Red Bull you're empowered to drive new business and ensure your customers have exactly what they need to win the day, through Power Selling. Power Selling is the framework designed to; improve selling skills, stand out among competition, raise Red Bull selling standards, and achieve your targets.

The Key Areas

Red Bull manager of sales and another team member laughing while walking past the delivery trucks and being highly motivated to get to work-143516-070472.jpg

Just keep winning

As part of a highly motivated team, you dominate the market by working hard and being yourself. Go the distance. Use your talent and passion to develop yourself and to make an impact in your community. It’s all in a day’s work to drive results.

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Got what it takes to be an Account Sales Manager? Get on our winning team! Most jobs take energy. This one gives it.


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