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Red Bull launched in 2009, more than 20 years after the first can of Red Bull was sold in Austria in 1987. This created the launch of what was a whole new product category - Energy Drinks.

Today, Red Bull operates within 175 countries selling over 11.5 billion cans annually and growing! Above all, our people remain the essential ingredient in bringing the Red Bull brand to life. The Red Bull Norway team is made up of dynamic, creative individuals working together to grow the brand, deliver great products and experiences, Giving Wiiings to People and Ideas.



In Norway, our teams work in several cities across the country including our national headquarters, located near Grünerløkka in central Oslo, in a light-filled office space; (sun terrace included). A vibrant neighborhood filled with little cafés, restaurants and bars, Grünerløkka is known for original design shops and vintage stores. Right on our doorstep, the river Akerselva runs by with parklands, walking trails and an industrial flair.


Our workplaces reflect the brand culture: creative spaces that stimulate collaboration and interaction; offices designed to promote focus and concentration; fully connected meeting rooms that enable seamless communication with our colleagues in the office, across Norway and around the world; facilities that support our daily lives and communal areas where we come together to socialize and celebrate.


Giving Wings to People and Ideas

Showcasing our local heroes, events and projects

Local Projects

The World of Red Bull is filled with adventure, culture, sports, and innovation. Everything Red Bull does is localized, unique, and delivers on the mission to Give Wings to People and Ideas.

Local Heroes

We team up with Norwegian athletes and artists to help them hone their talents, achieve their goals, support their communities, entertain and inspire others and constantly innovate, moving their discipline forward.

Local Events

Our events enable once-in-a-lifetime experiences where the participants are heroes of the day!


You’ll find us in over 175 countries


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