Red Bull striker for retail customers and store owners takes Red Bull palettes out of the fridge


Become a Red Bull Striker

The representation of our brand for our retail customers and store owners.

Be an ambassador

Strikers are the representation of our brand for our retail customers and store owners across the globe. Holding a pivotal role in the success of the company, Strikers are the customer-facing individuals building everlasting relationships with retail consumers, store owners and local communities. Keen to be part of a winning brand? Let us take you on a journey through the day in the life of a Striker.

Red Bull sales manager in the field holding a tablet and shaking hands with a retail employee in a store


Be an entrepreneur and own your territory through developing and driving your in-store portfolio. Use your strengths and passion to grow your career while expanding business for local store owners in your territory. Build relationships by providing first class service to store managers to ensure all opportunities are explored. Be part of a highly motivated team striving for success within each of your own territories.

As a Red Bull ambassador you get to know what a perfect store looks like with a Red Bull refrigerator and a Red Bull shelf standing side by side


Ever wondered what the perfect store looks like? Red Bull Perfect Store concept will put you on the path to excellent execution in regards to visibility, communication and availability in order to ensure that Red Bull is in maximum danger of being sold. Your aim is driving sales and performance to support your local store owners in growing their businesses and you reaching your targets.

Red Bull sales striker is shown Red Bull power selling and power coaching by an experienced manager on a tablet while sitting in the car -163105-039248.jpg


Make an impact with every store visit by working with world class tools, systems and training programs - developing your skills to perfection. Power Selling is a framework which enables you to improve your selling skills and ensures you never miss an opportunity in-store. Power Coaching exposes you to monthly coaching sessions from experienced managers, accelerating your professional development.

Your Characteristics

Individual contribution

You enjoy working with a high degree of autonomy


You are competent, open-minded and reliable


You like working and accomplishing tasks which contribute to a larger team goal


Red Bull Sales Striker


Most jobs take energy. This one gives it.


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