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When Red Bull was founded in Austria in the mid 1980's, it marked the launch of not only a new product but also an unique marketing concept. The first can of Red Bull was sold in Austria in 1987 creating a whole new product category – Energy Drinks.

Today, Red Bull operates in over 170 countries selling almost 7.9 billion cans annually and growing! Above all, our people remain the essential ingredient in bringing the Red Bull brand to life. In Austria more than 2,000 individuals, representing over 60 different nationalities, work together to grow the brand and deliver great products and experiences by Giving Wings to People and Ideas. Alongside our Global Headquarters, Austria is home to Red Bull Media House and other projects such as our Consumer Products divisions, Wings for Life and the Flying Bulls.


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Red Bull

Giving Wings to People and Ideas

Showcasing our global heroes, events and projects

Global Projects

The World of Red Bull is filled with adventure, culture, sports, and innovation. Everything Red Bull does is localized, unique, and delivers on the mission to Give Wings to People and Ideas.

Global Heroes

We team up with athletes and artists to help them hone their talents, achieve their goals, support their communities, entertain and inspire others and constantly innovate, moving their discipline forward.

Global Events

Our events enable once-in-a-lifetime experiences where the participants are heroes of the day!


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