The Art Of Musketeering

Musketeers are the personification of the brand in Red Bull’s On Premise business.

A Way Of Life

Red Bull Musketeers are the living, breathing embodiment of the Red Bull way of life. They operate as true ambassadors of the Red Bull brand in the On Premise working with the very best bars, clubs and music venues. They are passionate about building long-term partnerships and identifying new opportunities to drive trial and consumption of Red Bull in top On Premise accounts.

Mission One

Be The Red Bull Ambassador

The venue is packed, the party is off the hook, where ever you look there are cans in the hands of consumers and it’s all thanks to you. No matter where you look, you can’t miss the impact of Red Bull and the hard work of the dedicated Red Bull Musketeer. The Red Bull Musketeers are not only pulling the strings behind the scenes, they are also on the floor representing the company and always spotting new opportunities for the can. The Red Bull Musketeer owns the night.

By combining finely-honed organizational skills with infectious enthusiasm, Red Bull Musketeers operate as true ambassadors of the Red Bull brand creating an enviable network in the local city. As the face of Red Bull in the On Premise they check in with each of their accounts and key influencers regularly, to see how they can build stronger long-term relationships, get people excited about the brand, generate trial and drive consumption.



  • Own The Night

    Own The Night

    Deeply integrate with the On Premise network

  •  Long-Term Relationships

    Long-Term Relationships

    Establish and nurture partnerships with key influencers and business partners

  • Brand Excitement

    Brand Excitement

    Recruit new customers and industry influencers with your enthusiasm

Mission Two


That hot new venue that everyone’s talking about? You’re already on it! With your drive to succeed in the role combined with your boundless energy, you’ve already secured a meeting with the manager of the hottest new club. With more than 90 % field time you continuously assess geographic territory to expand the On Premise universe.

You support venues in terms of Red Bull sales and marketing. When you are not busy discussing exciting new proposals, you continuously seek new opportunities to drive consumption, generate trial and ensure brand awareness.



  • Organization


    Master the On Premise Universe and stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge and trends

  • Ownership


    Manage your territory by diligently tracking, analyzing & reporting on performance and areas of growth & opportunity

  • Premium execution

    Premium execution

    Strive for excellence with Red Bull’s premium brand image, in all activities and execution

Mission Three


With your expertise and know-how in the On Premise you strive to further strengthen your business relationships, to develop sales initiatives that drive mutual gain and ensure that all agreed upon issues are executed to the fullest extent of the agreement. After your perfect performance why should an outlet owner turn you down?



  •  Strong Sales Focus

    Strong Sales Focus

    Convince venue owners with your excellent communication and selling skills

  •  Good Negotiator

    Good Negotiator

    Negotiate strong, mutually beneficial partnership agreements

  • Creative Problem Solver

    Creative Problem Solver

    Always challenge the status quo to ensure business growth


Got what it takes to be a Musketeer? Get on our winning team!
Most jobs take energy. This one gives it.