Red Bull Graduate Programme: Your chance to work hard and shape your future.


Every one of us is unique, with different passions, talents, and goals.

This programme is designed to draw out the best in you. We provide you with the opportunities to prove your capabilities and pursue your potential. Our graduates have big roles that come with real responsibility. Your delivery and contribution during the programme will shape the scope of your future at Red Bull.

What we offer

At Red Bull we offer a development programme that will be driven by what you need to learn and experience in order to succeed in your role. The Graduate Programme follows Red Bull’s self-directed development philosophy, where approx. 70% of your learning and development is derived from “on-the-job” experiences, 20% through feedback and relationships and the remaining 10% from formal training. This will enable you to go further and grow faster.

  • On-The-Job Experience

    You will have the opportunity to dive in head first on Day 1. Along with the core function of your role you will be accountable for project ownership and overcoming business challenges related to your department’s objectives. Additionally, in order to gain broader insight into the business you’ll have a job rotation within a function that has a close link to your role. This will provide you with the opportunity to work with related departments and associated teams.

  • Feedback & Relationships

    As part of your onboarding you will experience the ‘wingman’ programme which is a buddy system for new hires and a way for you to network with your peers. You will also follow the Red Bull Performance Cycle which is designed to help you achieve peak performance. Ongoing feedback and performance evaluations will help determine where you currently stand and how you can develop further.

  • Formal Training

    You have spent your life in lectures; now it’s time to put these learnings into practice. We believe in interactive, practical & relevant workshops that will give you key information needed to perform at Red Bull, incorporating learnings from our world class athletes, artists and business professionals. You will attend an intensive development training designed specifically for our Graduates, as well as functional training specific to each department.


Our graduates are hands-on, embrace big challenges and focus on delivering results. They have ambition and responsibility to own important projects and drive their own development. All eligible applicants must have the following:

  • Education & Achievements

    Proven excellence in your academic life to date resulting in a Bachelor or Master degree, graduated in or after 2015, together with extra-curricular achievements that reflect your proactive mentality and your ability to manage complex projects and balance priorities. In addition we would like to see a history of pursuing personal passions that demonstrate that you are dreaming up big ideas and making them happen.

  • Language Skills

    Must be fluent in written and spoken English. Additional languages are considered an asset. Your language skills will determine the location of your role as for most positions it is required that you speak the local language fluently. The only exception to the language requirement is at our global HQ, where speaking German is a plus but not mandatory.

  • Work & Int. Experience

    A track record of success, which can be seen in your internships or other relevant work experiences. Furthermore you must have gained international or diverse cultural experiences through internships abroad, study abroad or other learning programs.


Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas. Behind all that we do, there’s a team of passionate entrepreneurs pursuing their potential.


Check out the different job functions within the Graduate Programme and find out which one is the one you are passionate about. Depending on the region you are applying for these opportunities may vary.


Sales is broken into two sections: Off-Premise and On-Premise. Off-Premise is comprised of grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and more. It is where consumers pick up a Red Bull for later. A strong in-store presence, the right pricing and adequate promotion support are crucial. On-Premise is where the product is purchased for immediate consumption, at night or during the day at venues such as clubs, bars, restaurants… Having a strong presence in these environments builds our aspirational brand image and helps us to confirm existing consumers, win new ones and defend our leadership.


Marketing’s main objective is to create awareness and value for the product. Our unique approach to connecting with consumers emotionally is featured by Sport Marketing, Culture Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Brand Marketing. All of them need to interlink with each other and work closely together with Off- and On-Premise in order to create the best result.


The Operations Department acts as a service department within Red Bull. Its main responsibilities revolve around ensuring constant global product availability in order to run the Red Bull business successfully on a global scale. Together with the sales and marketing departments, Operations provides “Visibility Items” and Point of Sale material to Red Bull. In addition, they support the majority of our Corporate Projects and are concerned with upholding premium quality and sustainability throughout the entire value chain.


IT provides services, applications and working devices to support the daily work and business processes of all beverage departments of Red Bull. For example, the IT Department will find the optimal IT tools for given business demands by conducting evaluations, implement solutions in the course of projects, operate solutions and provide support.


Finance is responsible for keeping the company in financial balance. In order to achieve this target they are active in the following areas: Statutory and Tax accounting, Treasury and Controlling, providing the business with clear, reliable, relevant and timely financial information and insights.


Red Bull Media House is a global media company that produces, distributes and publishes authentic content and inspirational entertainment programming in the sports and lifestyle genres. From film to television, print to digital media, music and games, the company's products can be experienced on the latest devices and platforms, fascinating audiences worldwide.

Step by Step

If you are interested in joining a Graduate Programme that is unlike any other, the next steps are: (Each step of the application process must be completed in English.)

  1. Step One



    Take a look through the resources available on this site, decide on the job function that best matches your passion and professional ambitions and apply below.

  2. Step Two



    Through an initial assessment you’ll demonstrate your ability to connect information & make decisions. From there, you’ll be invited to complete a video interview.

  3. Step Three



    During an Interview we want to see how the job function you have selected plays to your strengths.

  4. Step Four

    MEET US:

    MEET US:

    The finalists will be invited to one of our Assessment Days in January or February 2017. Our past graduates describe them as challenging, fun, and exciting.

  5. Step Five



    Get the chance to work with one of our highly professional teams for 18 months and show us your capabilities.

  6. Step Six



    Your performance during the 18 months will define the scope of your future role.


The application period for the current Graduate Programme already closed.
If you are interested in applying for the next one keep an eye on this website.
Most jobs take energy. This one gives it.

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